RTO Enrolment Procedures

There are two ways to apply for a course through St Mark's Registered Training Organisation. You can fill out an online enrolement form or you can download a form and return it to St Mark's.

Please familiarise yourself with the Application for Enrolment factsheet before you begin. 

Step 1. Choose your course 

For information about Christian Counselling courses go to www.stmarks.edu.au/rto-counselling.

For information about Ministry Training courses go to www.stmarks.edu.au/rto-ministry.

Step 2. Understand course requirements

Please make sure you understand the entrance requirements for the course you are intending on applying for which are listed on the course information pages on this website. Information about the competencies attained on each course is also listed there which will need to be read.  

If supporting document is required, please ensure it it certified as per the Application for Enrolment factsheet (see above).

For all courses, students will need to provide validated copies (certified by a JP or other professional) of previously-gained relevant awards.

For counselling courses, students must provide a letter of recommendation from a suitably qualified referee attesting to their suitability.

Step 3. Obtain a Unique Student identifier

From the 1st of January 2015 the government requires all students studying at a national recognised training institution to obtain a Unique Student identifier (USI).

Applicants will need to obtain a unique student identifier to complete the application process. When applying for a USI, applicants will need to give St Mark's access to their USI information which will allow us to upload information. 

St Mark's unique training number is 

For more information about USI and how to obtain one visit the Unique Student Identifier homepage on the Department of Industry website. 

Step 4. Apply for your course

Apply for your course by starting the online application or  downloading a form  and sending it in the mail to St Mark's.

As part of your application you may need to download and complete English Language, Literacy & Numeracy Skills Self-Assessment Form

If you have a disability, you will need to download and complete the Extra Learning Support Self-Assessment Form

Make sure you supply St Mark's with supporting document either in the mail or via email. 

If you're mailing send to St Mark’s National Theological Centre, 15 Blackall Street, Barton, ACT 2600.

If you're emailing send to: stmarksadmin@csu.edu.au 


Step 5. Wait to hear from us. 

Once St Mark's receives your application it will begin processing it.  

If you are successful you will receive a welcome letter, a VET FEE-HELP application form, A VET FEE-HELP information booklet and an invoice for the course fees.

You are required to complete and return this information by the administration date (the deadline for your enrolment to be completed) which is usually 3 weeks before the commencement of the course.

For St Mark's policy regarding enrolments and refunds, see Information for Students.

For information about fees and VET FEE HELP information, see Options and information about fee payment.

For further information about on VET FEE-HELP loans visit the Study Assist site. 

Ready to Begin?

If you have read the above  you are now ready to enrol. 

 Enrol Online     OR      Download Enrolment Form