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St Mark’s Review has been a leading journal of Christian thought and opinion since 1955. The Review aims at lively, responsible and relevant discussions of matters that of importance to the Christian community in Australia and for the life of our society.

Each issue of the Review is dedicated to a specific theme and articles are commissioned to address that theme.

Most articles featured in the Review are intended for anyone with a broad interest in theological questions and religious questions of contemporary significance. Specialists will also find the fruits of fresh thinking from a community of scholars determined to engage in dialogue with both the Church and the world.

St Mark's Review is also available as an e-resource for those who have access to Informit's databases: Humanities and Social Sciences Collection (from Issue 207, Mar. 2009) or the Australian Public Affairs Full Text (from Issue 159, Spr. 1994). Approximately 100 libraries across the world provide access to either or both of these databases. 

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Latest Issues of St Mark's Review

You may download an extract from the current issues. The extract contains the front-matter, the table of contents and the editorial.

No. 239, March 2017 (1)
No. 238, December 2016 (4)
No. 237, October 2016 (3) St Mark's Review Issue 237 October 2016
No. 236, August 2016 (2) St Mark's Review Issue 236 August 2016
No. 235, May 2016 (1) 
No. 234, December 2015 (4)
No. 233, October 2015 (3)
No. 232, July 2015 (2)
No. 231, April 2015 (1)
No. 230, December 2014 (4) 
No. 229, September 2014 (3)   Download extract
No. 228, May 2014 (2)  Download extract
No. 227, February 2014 (1)  Download extract

Indexes for St Mark's Review

The following index documents have been prepared for St Mark's by Alan Wilson to whom we are most grateful for his expertise and generous donation of time. We make them available to everyone who is interested. You can download them by clicking on the link. Each document is a searchable pdf file.

The index documents will be updated annually. The posted documents cover the period from Issue No. 1, 1955 to issue No. 219 (February 2012).


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Previous Editions of St Mark's Review

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20th Anniversary of Women's ordination

St Mark's Review makes available for free two articles for the 20th Anniversary of Women's Ordination to the priesthood in Australia.
Article Download
Patricia Brennan was the Founding President of the Movement for the Ordination of Women. Download
Marie Louise Uhr was an active participant in MOW and the Founding President of Ordination for Catholic Women. Download

Style guide for Writers

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