Library Fines

Payment of fines due to St Mark's Library.
St Mark’s fines must be paid directly to St Mark’s National Theological Centre.
Do not pay Charles Sturt University Accounts.

Payment method
Cheques: made out to St Mark’s National Theological Centre 
15 Blackall St., Barton ACT 2600
Credit Card: by phoning: 0262726253 or 0262726254
Cash or credit card: at library desk

When do Library Fines begin to accrue?

Any items which are not returned by the Due Date/Time may start to accrue fines immediately at the appropriate rate.

How much are library fines?

Fines and rates are outlined below:

Item Type Fine Max. Fine
Book, A/V, Kit $0.50 per day $50 per item
Laptop $5 per hour or part therof  
Special Loans (2 day) $5 per day  
2 Hour Reserve Items $1 per hour $10 per item, per day
Recalled Items $5 per day $100 per item, plus any accrued overdue items
Non-returned Items $180 per item ($130 item replacement cost, $50 administration cost)* $180 per item, plus any accrued overdue items
Damaged Items $180 per item ($130 item replacement cost, $50 administration cost)*  

* The Library reserves the right to charge the actual replacement cost of the item, plus the $50 administration fee
* Reduced charges may apply for minor damaged items.

When do fines stop accumulating?

Fines continue to accrue until the item has been returned to the Library.

Can I borrow items if I have unpaid fines?

Yes, but only if your total fines are less than $100. Once fines reach $100, borrowing privileges are suspended until the fine is paid.

Will I be fined if I lose an item?

Yes. Lost items are charged as a Non-returned item.

What is a Recalled Item?

If an item is overdue, and is in high-demand, the Library may recall the item. You will receive an email from the Library if this occurs, outlining a Recall Date. If the item is not returned by this Recall Date, a higher rate of fine is charged, in additional to any existing fines accumulated.

What if I don’t return an item?

If an item is overdue by 14 days, you will be issued with a Bill for Replacement. This fee is $130 (or the actual cost of replacement), plus a $50 administration fee. Any overdue fines accumulated on the item are also payable.

I’ve been sent a Bill for Replacement, but the item is not lost. What should I do?

Return the item to the Library immediately. The $180 fee will be waived, but the overdue fines accrued are still payable.

Can I renew an overdue item?

Yes. However, any overdue fines are still payable

Can I pay an overdue fine before I have returned the item?

No. Fines are not finalised and non-payable until they are returned.

I have paid my fines, but they still appear on My Library Record. What should I do?

Contact the Library. There may be a short delay before your Library Record is updated. Library staff can check your payments, and adjust your Library Record accordingly.

Will the Library send me a reminder when my items are due back?

No. All Library items loaned out are accompanied by a Due Date slip – this is your reminder. This should be kept in a safe, prominent place. You can always check your loans by logging in to My Library Record.