Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

The Collection

How big is the collection and what does it consist of?

The Collection has approximately 100,000 items and consists of biblical studies, theology, history, counselling and psychology, liturgy and worship, preaching, philosophy, church management, pastoral theology.

Can I access the special collections?

No. The special collections are housed in a locked environmentally controlled environment. However, You may view items from the collection after you have arranged time with the librarian.

  • Go to the library website and select the link to special collections.
  • Download the application form, complete and send to the library.
  • Or ring the library on 02 6272 6254.

Visiting, accessing and using the St Mark’s library in Barton.

What hours are the Library open?

  • 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Do you have disabled access?

  • Access is limited.
  • Contact library staff on 02 6272 6254 beforehand to arrange entry to the library.

Can I return my books after hours?

  • No. We do not have an after-hours chute.

Do you have parking access?

  • Yes, you may press the call button at the boom gate and request entrance.

Can I see the Tippett Collection / Bible Society Collection / Rare Book Collection?

  • No. We do not allow access to the Rare Book Room but you can apply for access to items.
  • Search the Tippett finding aid
  • Search using the Find binoculars or Search Dialog Box on your web-browser’s menu bar.
  • Fill in the ‘Special Collections Access Request’ form.
  • Email or post the completed form to the library.
  • Itemise the documents you want to view and email the list to the library manager: The library manager will then arrange a viewing of items that you request.
 I am a student from another university or college in Canberra. Can I use St Mark’s Library?
  • This depends on your academic institution. If you are a student or faculty member of a Canberra institution such as ACU Signadou, ANU, UC or ADFA, you have reciprocal borrowing rights.
  • If you are a member of an institution outside Canberra you may use interlibrary loan through your local library or become a distance community borrower at St Mark’s. Annual membership is $120. We will post material to you. You are responsible for return postage.

Can I use my laptop, USB stick in the library?

  • Yes.

Can I use the photocopier in the Library?

  • Yes, 10c per single sheet copy / 20c double sided.

Is wireless Internet access available in the Library. How do I connect?

  • Yes. The library will give you instructions for connecting to CSU wireless network.

Accessing St Mark’s Catalogue online

Can I access CSU and St Mark’s catalogue from home?

Yes. St Mark’s online library catalogue can be accessed via this link:

  • Click on link >Go to Full Catalogue.
  • Click on link at top | Change Catalogue |.
  • Select “St Marks” in the Campus Catalogue list.

Do I need a password to access the electronic databases?

  • Yes, only CSU students can access the databases.

Can I access electronic resources and journal articles and other full text items from home?

  • Only CSU students using password entrance may access these items.

Membership and Borrowing

I am not a student, can I use the library and borrow books?

  • You may become a community borrower. Annual membership is $60.

Can my parish become a member of St Mark’s Library?

  • Yes. Anglican parishes of the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn pay $170 annual membership.
  • Parishes from other Anglican dioceses and other denominations pay $180 annual membership.
  • This entitles anyone in the parish to borrow from the library
 Download membership application form

How many items can I borrow?

  • CSU students: 20 items for one month and 3 renewals.
  • Community and parish borrowers: 10 items for one month and 2 renewals.

Can I borrow items not held by St Mark’s library?

  • You may request an ILL (Inter-library Loan) if you are a postgraduate student, research scholar or faculty member.
  • Post graduates and researchers can use Charles Sturt University FRILLS (free interlibrary loans service).
  • More about CSU Interlibrary Loans.

Is there a home delivery service for printed books and other printed items from St Mark’s?

  • No, we will not deliver books to your home.

Postal arrangements

  • We will post material if you are a CSU student who does not live in Canberra (distance education student.)
  • You may pay the Distance Community membership of $120 annual fee and we will post material to you. You are responsible for all return postage.

Can I drop off my books from other CSU campus libraries to St Mark’s?

  • No. You are responsible to post books back to CSU campuses yourself. If you leave them at St Mark’s we will contact you and request that you come and retrieve your items so you can post them back to the source campus library.

Overdue Items, Fines and Lost Items

Will the library send me a reminder when my books are due?

Yes, you will be sent

  • a courtesy notice
  • 4 overdue notices.
  • Bill for replacement notice

Are there fines for overdue items?

  • Yes. They are listed on the Fines page.

How do I pay St Mark’s Library fines?

  • Fines must be paid to St Mark’s Library. Do not pay St Mark’s fines to Banner (CSU Admin).
  • You may pay by credit card via phone, by cheque, or cash at the library.

I have paid my fines but I am not able to borrow. What do I do?

  • Contact the library. We may need to remove the fine from your record.

I have lost a library book. What do I do?

  • If you lose an item you are responsible for payment of the replacement fee of $180 which includes administration fees and fines.

A library book is lost in the post. What do I do?

  • Notify us immediately.
  • Fill in a lost item form at the post office.
  • If the item cannot be located by the post office fill in a Statutory Declaration Form at the post office and post it to us with the post office search form.
  • The library always reserves the right to charge the replacement fee.

Donating to St Mark’s

Can I donate my collection to St Mark’s?

Volunteering at St Mark’s

Can I do volunteer library work at St Mark’s?

Contacting a Librarian

If I have any other questions, how do I contact a Librarian?