Donating Books to the Library

St Mark’s library began with the donation of Bishop Burgmann’s library. St Mark’s library also contains the collections of Bishop Mesac Thomas, Bishop Radstock, and other prominent clergy in our diocese.

The library also houses the Tippett collection, the Bible Society collection, the Australian Board of Missions collection, the John Bunyan Colenso collection, and a wonderful collection of rare books and journals.

Given this history, donations of special collections, recent text books, and works of historical value all contribute greatly to the library, adding breadth and depth to our already significant collection.

Conditions for accepting donations

The library has space constraints, and adheres to a firm collecting policy.

  • All donations received will be checked against our collection.
  • Any item surplus to our requirements is disposed of.
  • Most surplus items are sold to students within the library. A few are given to the Salvation Army shops to sell or give away.
  • Donations are only accepted on the condition that St Mark’s reserves the right to dispose of all unwanted items.

Special Collections

With rare exceptions, collections are integrated into the broad collection. We do not have space to have ‘separate collections’.

Procedure for donating items

St Mark’s library staff operate under time constraints. Please observe the following guidelines when donating material to our collection.

  • Contact us beforehand so we may assess the suitability of the donation.
  • Only send us relevant material, check with us if you are not certain.
  • Label the donation / boxes clearly.
  • St Mark’s will only accept donations with ‘no conditions attached’.
  • We do not return unwanted items to the donor.
  • Funds raised from the sale of items go towards the library budget.

St Mark’s library would not exist without the kind patronage of many people. Thank you for your generosity in offering us family heirlooms, rare bibles, unique collections, photos, and many other items. It is donations like these that have given us such a wonderful historical resource and contemporary religious library in the nation’s capital.