Bible Society Collection (Restricted Access)

The Bible Society of Australia's Collection is held at St Mark's under custodial agreement. 

The Bible Society collection has restricted access. Researchers may apply for access to this collection by downloading and completing a Request for Access form.

 Download Request for Access Form

Since white settlement many rare and significant bible editions found their way to Australia in the last 220 years. Many have been donated to the Bible Society.

Breeches Bible

The Bible Society Collection contains :

  • Bibles printed before 1500 AD
  • The first translations into Aboriginal languages
  • A First Fleet bible
  • Bibles belonging to the first Governors of NSW
  • The Hopetoun Bible which is used to swear in all Governors General.
  • Many bibles of great historical importance both nationally and world wide
  • Many very rare editions
  • A wide variety of translation tools

This collection is of great religious, historical and cultural importance to all Australians and it is fitting that it be kept in the nation's capital.

 Finger Bible