St Mark's National Memorial Library


About St Mark's Library

St Mark’s National Memorial Library was established in 1957 by Bishop Ernest Burgmann. The general collection has strong links with the spiritual and religious history of the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and the immediately surrounding and nearby areas of southern New South Wales. It includes the libraries of former bishops of the Diocese of Goulburn, including the first bishop, Mesac Thomas.

While it continues to reflect the classical, philosophical and religious interests of the nineteenth and twentieth century scholars, it is now geared to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Today, St Mark’s library holds the most significant collection of biblical, theological and missiological works in Australia’s National Capital. The Library collects at research level, catering for students from certificate to doctorate level.

The collection is now estimated at 100 000 items and provides comprehensive reference material and a significant journal collection. The collection contains monographs, serials (including a number from the nineteenth century), a pamphlet collection and a rare book collection as well.

Our Mission

The mission of St Mark's Library is to provide and manage information resources to support St Mark's National Theological Centre in its work of theological education, professional ministry training, and public theological discourse. The Library is also a specialised resource of theological materials for the church and the nation.